Time to Spice Up Your Tea Time!

Fond of a cup of nice tea? There are several ways to make your tea-sipping experience even more enjoyable. The quality of a flabbergasting tea moment is based on the quality of tea served and as well as how well it is presented. The quality of the tea actually depends on the type of tea leaves chosen, the quantity of tea, the water quality, the temperature of water, the time taken to brew the concoction, the appliances, utensils and crockery used to prepare and serve the tea, along with several other factors. This simply means that you should have some knowledge about the type of tealeaves or dust and how to prepare a good cup of tea using them.

Know Your Tea

Book about history of teaWith so many varieties of teas being available in the market, you should certainly know how to brew a good cup of tea using a chosen variety, including the exact proportions of tea, water, sugar and milk (if preferred) that go into the cup. To get familiar with the different varieties of tea, simply check out this book on tea.

Brew A Tasty Cup

It is common practice for most of us to simply toss in the tealeaves and some water in a kitchen utensil, and let it boil for a while before mixing in some milk or sugar, and strain the liquid to fill up our tea cups. Opting for a tea and coffee maker such as this handy two-in-one device by Havells is bound to make the process easier and faster, as it certainly allows you to spend more time with guests or with your family, automatically improving your tea experience. You no longer will have to worry about the water temperature or brewing time.

Rev up Tea Presentation

Colourful tea set at JabongYou may have noticed that presentation plays a vital role in gastronomy. It is therefore important to serve tea in clean delightful tea sets that draw your guest to sample the beverage with relish. A gorgeous tea set is what you need to enhance your tea experience.

August 9, 2013


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