Three Great Indian Online Stores with a “Try Before You Buy” Option

The web has made life much easier; you can find anything you want and order it with the press of a few buttons and the click of a mouse. Thanks to the widespread use of the internet you can find almost anything for sale, so the days of searching fruitlessly through hundreds of shops for that one special item may finally be over. The only problem with ordering things online is that you don’t get to see, feel and use the item at all before you buy it. This can be a bit of an issue, especially when you want to buy things like clothes that need to fit properly.

Thankfully, more and more online clothing shops are tackling this problem with clever solutions and services. A recent development in this regard is “Try Before You Buy”, and it is gaining popularity with more stores offering the service. It simply allows you to try the items you bought before you have to pay. Usually this means paying cash on delivery, and having the option to ‘try out’ your items to check that they’re satisfactory. Let’s take a closer look at three online apparel stores offering this service to its customers:

Ethnic Clothing with Try ‘n Buy From

Efello logoThis is one of the newer online outlets in India, and it is off to a good start thanks to its try and buy service. Efello offers its own unique range of clothing that covers both local and more western styles with an in-house team of dedicated designers to keep up to date with the latest trends.

Try and Buy Pioneers Yebhi

Yebhi logoYebhi is known as the first outlet to seriously try the try-before-you-buy model. The website’s ordering system lets you select Try and Buy for any item that you want, making it one of the most flexible systems around. Once the item shows up at your doorstep, the deliveryman simply waits for your approval before the final cash transaction is made.

Check your Lenses with LensMart

LensMart logoBuying the right lenses is incredibly important to help you have perfect vision. LensMart has a special offer in place to help you choose the right contact lenses for your particular eyes. Instead of ordering full price contact lenses the shop has very low price trial lenses that you can use to find the ideal contact lens.

There are more and more online stores who begin to offer “Try and Buy” services to their customers, and we can only applaud this. If you were once afraid of buying clothes online because of the fact that you couldn’t try them on first, you now no longer have a reason not to buy apparel online.

March 15, 2013


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