The New Puma Range: The Best Footwear at Great Prices

Choosing the right pair of shoes is important and can often take longer than you anticipate, especially when the shoes are for a very specific purpose. Although it might seem like a relatively minor decision, selecting the wrong footwear – i.e. shoes that aren’t comfortable; shoes that don’t fit the purpose you bought them for – can be a costly and time-consuming mistake. Puma’s expertise entails that their newest line of footwear offers a diverse array from which to choose, and provides a multitude of options, whatever your requirements.

Working Out Regularly?

The Puma Aron Sports Shoe – available in several different colours and currently half price at Myntra – delivers in terms of functionality, stylishness and comfort. Whether you’re out for a jog, at the gym or brushing up on your badminton, this shoe – with it’s breathable, lightweight upper and sole designed for assured traction – has everything you require whilst working out. Puma has a reputation for excellence in regard to their sporting footwear, which is well and truly maintained here.

The Epitome of Smart Casual

For the occasions where stylishness and practicality are your watchwords, the Puma Suede Archive shoe – presently on sale at The store is currently pricing this pair of shoes at 35% off, and there are discount vouchers that will give you an additional discount on these. Stitched to the outsole for durability, the premium suede finish uppers offer a great fit and easy comfort. Combined with a casual outfit, these stylish shoes will portray a smart but relaxed demeanour.

Embracing the Urban Chic

Simple yet effective, the Puma Brown Terrae Mid Africa – currently available with a 15% discount – is a durable and modern shoe that conveys the archetypal minimalism of Puma footwear; a subtle and tasteful interpretation of in-vogue street-wear. Deriving their durability from the leather upper, the shoe’s cushioned midsoles lend stability and comfort, whilst rubber outsoles provide optimum traction. Though perhaps not the type of footwear you usually associate with the company, you can rest assured that the high level of quality found in Puma’s more familiar footwear, extends to this shoe.

This small sample serves as an indicator of the expansive range of the latest collection of Puma shoes available on You can also see more of the stylish and modestly priced line at and Selecting the best footwear for you is important; Puma shoes will meet all your demands.

March 8, 2013


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