The Most Fashionable Colours for the 2013 Spring-Summer Season

As the spring-summer season draws near, you probably cannot help but get excited about the latest trends of the season as well. You’re not alone; we want to discover this season’s hot and trendy colours as well! Let’s discover the vibrant colours for this season.

A palette of elegant colours compliments the mood of the season. The summer-spring collections are linked with imaginatively bright colours of blossom. It connives with flora and fauna. The theme of the season is communication between man and nature. Wildlife has been an eternal basis of inspiration. You should think of zebra whites and blacks. It has to be crispy white and bold black.

Pantone's spring-summer 2013 fashion color report
For more colour details, check Pantone’s 2013 spring color report.

Soft olive green, refreshing lemons, shades of mint and teal are colours that soften and add light to the spring summer collection 2013. Emerald and green calcite, which are not only considered to be the greatest minerals of the world but are regarded as fashionable too.

The collection for this season is geared towards the tropics. Orange and red can dominate the scene, but only if they are in their crimson-est shade and their most sophisticated looks. Drab shades may look less stylish and gear towards athletes. Red tomato and vibrant orange will help you catch the feel of summer.

Pink trends for the spring-summer season 2013

Pink comes back into the scene as designers of women’s wear are claiming a comeback this year. It relegated to the background for a while but resurfaced in revenge this year with new exciting shades. Washed out, shocking, and deep pinks are the colours to watch for. Pink shades of lavender, geranium and raspberry are also included. Fashionistas crave for youth and the fun that goes with it. The best way to show it is to maintain a slight tinge of childhood by slanting towards the colour pink.

Safari chic colours for spring-summer 2013Summer is not complete without neutral shades, and you should also not forget the earthly hues of natural colourants. Bright and vibrant colours need to be subdued for a while. Think of grey, tan, terracotta, nude, and eggshell tones.

Wood colours like shades of brown are forever the colour of summer. These hues are subdued and fun. You feel a closer bond with nature with this important colour. When talking about yellow, the shade for this summer spring is sulphur yellow. The shade is cooler, more abstract and superficial. Mustard shades and lemony yellow are the toast of the season.

The technicolour face of the season is inevitable. The spectra of bold, bright and cool hues complement each other. All that you have to do is create ways of mixing it on your wardrobe palette.

March 4, 2013


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