Interview with Under Cover Lingerie’s Founder Monica

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Under Cover Lingerie’s online store is one that is sure to surprise you, no matter what your personal taste or that of your partner is. It’s clear that it doesn’t just sell lingerie; it sells a story, and is bound to spice up your life in style. The search for an exciting wedding gift lead founder Monica Anand to realise that India needed an online lingerie store that offers the whole package ranging from fantasy lingerie to swimwear and fun accessories to keep things extra playful. We were happy Monica accepted our invitation to do an interview so we could be introduced in the fantasy world of Under Cover Lingerie.

Can you tell us a bit more about yourself, and introduce Under Cover Lingerie?

My name is Monica Anand, 32 years old. I have 10 years of experience in brand & marketing across sectors including banking, insurance and retail.

Under Cover Lingerie was created for the confident Indian woman, who is comfortable with her sensuality! She takes her fun very seriously and loves to try new things. Under Cover Lingerie is here to provide her with an extensive range of lingerie that gives her a special boost or pick me up whenever she needs it.

What motivated you to start Under Cover Lingerie?

A few friends and I were looking to gift something quirky and not so usual to a friend who was getting married. We thought of buying some fantasy lingerie but we couldn’t find any stores around where we could find such stuff. We felt there was a gap in the area of sensuous lingerie that makes a woman feel good about herself and is fun at the same time. That is why we created Under Cover Lingerie. 

How do you select the products, designs that you want to sell in your store?

Each product showcased by Under Cover Lingerie is selected with utmost care to ensure it embodies the values of our customer and therefore our brand. We evaluate them on the basis of 4 values- Sensual, Fantasy, Bold, Playful. If it hits the spot on at least 3 of these, we consider taking the design forward. In addition, we are very very careful on parameters of quality to ensure only the best lingerie is provided to our clients.

Do you have advice for women ordering lingerie online for the first time?

If you are buying your lingerie online for the first time, you should keep a few things in mind:

  1. Decide on what kind of lingerie you want, what purpose do you intend to use it for. Don’t be afraid to browse. You will get great ideas from window-shopping.
  2. Ensure you are comfortable with your selection.
  3. Make sure you check the size guide to ensure the product will fit you.
  4. Check the exchange policy on the website.
  5. Place an order for one item, see how you like it and then you can follow it with a large order of all your favourites!

Which key tips do you have for men looking to buy lingerie as a gift for their loved one online?

A few simple tips for men from our site’s buying guide. Here’s to making her feel extra special for a night to remember.

Ordering lingerie online

Tip 1

SIZE: If you already know what size bra she wears, you have just made your journey a lot easier. If you don’t, there’s no need to fear. Under Cover Lingerie’s range includes many pieces that are made such that one size fits most. All you need to do is reference our size chart to get a broad idea of whether our pieces will fit.

Tip 2

STYLE: Whether its slinky and sensuous or revealing and adventurous, she will love you for thinking about what she is like and what she wants. And, having the confidence to choose well.

Tip 3

COLOUR: If you don’t know her favourite colour, consider black or red safe options. You won’t go wrong as both colours embody sensuality.

Tip 4

MATCH: Never choose a set that doesn’t match. Always ensure a complete look with matching hosiery and accessories.

Tip 5

ROMANCE: Whisk her away on a romantic getaway and top it all with an Under Cover treat to match the glamorous destination.

Tip 6

GO ALL OUT: Don’t worry too much about getting it wrong. Our return policy means that you can easily exchange your gift for the right item.

Tip 7

PRESENTATION: Present the gift to her in style with Under Cover’s discrete signature packaging. Your Under Cover Gift will be delivered in our signature black box and be delivered discretely to maintain the surprise.

Under Cover Lingerie sexy lingerie

What are the latest lingerie trends that shouldn’t go unnoticed?

Sexy lingerie is a trend we really like. Lingerie is the closest garment to your body and sets your outfits mood. It’s a lovely little secret to be wearing sexy lingerie on the inside. Gives one a lovely, secret smirk that gets you through the day, and well into the night. 🙂

Why should people order lingerie with Under Cover Lingerie, and not another online store?

At Under Cover Lingerie, we’re sure to spruce up your lingerie experience and make it a memorable one for both you and your loved one. From browsing the website together to and dropping thongs, panties, c strings or g-strings into the shopping cart, till they are discretely delivered at your doorstep in our signature packaging, we ensure you have a scintillating time. We promise to leave you waiting by your door in anticipation. Now, give in to temptation and let the fantasy begin!

Does Under Cover Lingerie regularly feature coupon codes, sales and other offers?

Under Cover Lingerie does feature various offers from time to time on its products. These can be found at our site’s “Sales” section as well as on snip snip’s Under Cover Lingerie coupons page of course.

What’s your personal favourite product that you sell?

Honestly, it’s difficult to pick. I love them all. The costumes are so much fun and the babydolls so luxurious, I don’t think I could suffice with just one. 🙂 The swimwear is sexy as hell and always turns heads, and the fun accessories help me tell a new story everyday. 🙂

Luxury babydoll available at Under Cover Lingerie Night at the Beach bikini at Under Cover Lingerie Red fur handcuffs

Which other online stores do you like to shop at?

I love to shop at Jabong and Inonit’s e-store. They have a lovely product range with unique offerings, and they also feature Under Cover Lingerie’s products.

What does Under Cover Lingerie have in store for the near future?

If I were you, I would watch this space for a lot of fun and sexy stuff that’s soon to come!

Anything else you’d like to share with our readers?

Come, check us out in the privacy of your homes at… We are sure you will be back!

Thank you Monica and the rest of the Under Cover Lingerie team for the interview!

July 25, 2013


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