Freshen Your Wardrobe with Benetton’s Latest Offerings

Unhappy with the offerings in your closet? Everything is too old, too dated, too stuffy, and too grungy. Benetton is a go-to designer when it comes to adding colour, verve, and freshness to your wardrobe. Benetton manages to mix classical styles with unique details, so each piece seems to reflect refined tastes for those of you who love standing out in the crowd.

Where to Get the Look

Blue jeans by Benetton for menBenetton clothes are available at many different Indian online stores. Try online shopping mecca to check the latest Benetton styles and discount offerings, including the styles that we’re now going to take a closer look at.

Begin with a New Basic

Jeans are the ultimate anchor piece for the rest of your wardrobe. A great pair of jeans can be dressed up or dressed down, as the occasion requires. Best of all, well made, classic jeans last for years and are always in style. The Benetton Blue Slim Fit Jeans for Men are a perfect piece. The slim fit and low rise work well for all body-types, given length to your body and elongating the legs. The rich dark blue colour pairs well with everything you have. Once you have a basic, you can update the look the way that suits your mood.

Dress Smart

Button down shirts offer a sense of refinement when worn. They look sharp and tailored. However, they can also make you look like you are trying too hard to impress. The Benetton Blue Men Pin Stripes Cotton Men’s Casual Shirt takes the classic pin stripe and updates it to trendy. Small details such as different buttons and rolled button sleeves make you look sharp. The light blue contrasting striped fabric used for the shirt ensures that you look cool and collected, but not stuffy.

Dress Urban Hip

Trendy t-shirt for men by BenettonT-shirts can make you look cool, but old and dirty t-shirts look grungy. You don’t want anyone to think you look like a slob. White and black t-shirts can be bland. Instead, try pairing jeans with a colourful t-shirt, especially one with a great design on the front. Benetton’s salmon-orange coloured Benetton Weekly Journal of Civilization T-shirt Men 12 A is the ideal to look sophisticated and casual at the same time. The Abe Lincoln pattern on the front is artsy and retro, but not too feminine.

Today’s a great day to freshen and sharpen your wardrobe. Start with a reliable and long lasting basic, like jeans, and then use different types of shirts and footwear to alter your look from urban hip to smart.

February 21, 2013


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