Christmas in July, The Latest Trend in Australia and The USA

Festivities have a tendency to lose or gain elements when transported from culture to culture, and this is particularly the case when the celebration is tied to a specific season. A prime example is Christmas. Across Europe and North America, Christmas is a quintessentially wintery occasion, with images of snow, sleighs and robins adorning decorations throughout these continents.

Snowman in the sandHowever, this does not translate well to countries such as Australia, when December occurs during the Summer: as a result, more and more people in the southern hemisphere are holding their Christmas festivities during July, so that they can take advantage of the wintery weather to place the celebration in its more fitting context. After all, Santa Claus clearly isn’t dressed for a hot summer’s day.

This does not result in a total transfer of Christmas from one month to another, of course, but rather in a double Christmas with two separate celebrations held on December and July. Many people use Christmas in July as a sort of mini-Christmas, with a smaller-scale celebration than the better-established December festivities. Many online stores hold special sales during this month, with big discounts on typical Christmas items and gifts making this a perfect time to stock up on treats for the real deal!

Although ultimately a by-product of the climate of the southern hemisphere, Christmas in July has begun to make inroads into other parts of the world – including countries such as the USA, when July is squarely in summer. Generally, this is to fill a gap left by a lack of holidays during this time of year.

Christmas hat on the beachSo, while July may still be the tail end of summer here in India, there is no reason why you cannot join in on the new trend of Christmas in July. It may not be the best time of year for cosying up indoors, but why not take part in a Christmas-themed street party? You will be able to work in the theme of cold weather and snow in one way, at least – it will be a great opportunity to indulge in cold foods such as ice cream.

Hopefully this article has given you some ideas for a Christmas celebration with all the fun and festivities that you can hold during July. The key thing is to get your friends together and enjoy yourself – if you can achieve that, then why should it matter what time of year it is?

July 18, 2013


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